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POSCO VDI System Reference in Production Process Computing Line & Special Purpose Line
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-Product; NEPYX NetDeskTop


-Implementation Line (2013~2016); 4PCM, 1/2 Sintering, 3PCM, Cokes1/2, 1CGL, 1C-Casting, 7CGL, HR2POL, 4PCM2CAL, 4PCM Roll-Shop, Total Disaster Prevention System   


-Reference Summary;

POSCO is globally one of the largest steel manufacturers.

Even in spite of 24x365 mission critical systems on the lines, they have improved HMI systems from the type of desktop and the type of stand-alone system for process computing or for HMI server into VDI infrastructure for the higher security & efficiency.

As one of the TCO aspects, the recovery of HMI system, there are the numerous savings to compare the current VDI system with the existed stand-alone HMI desktop system, it means the system before changing into VM (Virtual Machine), because there is time saving around more than 10 times, due to, in case of crush of HMI system, HMI VM still running on VM host with high availability in case of crush of HMI system.

In that case, under situation of current VDI system, it needs just change of monitor or set-top within a few hours.

Since 2013, 3S Soft has implemented the VDI solutions successfully line by line with her own high expertise including capability of software programing and plenty of critical system experience.  

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