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Dae Gu Bank Implementation of Integration System of PC Security & Network Isolation (Separation) System
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-Product; Nepyx Network File Transfer Management System (FB) , Symantec SEP/DLP


-Implementation; PC Security system & the Network File Transfer Manage system for More than 7,000 users of PC in both of intranet and extranet including Internet (2012~2016)


-Reference Summary;

DaeGu Bank is one of the largest banks in the southern area of Korea.

They have improved their PC security management system into the upgraded integration system with using our File Transfer / PC Media/ PC Security solutions.

And expanding to the project of the Network Separation(Isolation the network into intranet and extranet), 3S Soft has implemented and designed the systems for PC security and file transfer management successfully with her own high expertise including capability of software programing and plenty of critical system experience.     


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